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Hello, my name is Leandro.
And I'm Italian.

As an Italian born and raised in Italy, I get very frustrated to see how many "fake" Italian restaurant selling food that is so far away to be authentic. Furthermore the word "Italian" is used to charge more money just because.
So my mission is to bring to you the authentic taste of the Italian food with the best ingredients at the right price, that doesn't need to be expensive.
I want you to experience the Italian food without to go in Italy.



Few ingredients, but of high quality.
- Mozzarella Fiordilatte from Agerola
- HandMade Red Sauce
- Fresh basil
- EVO at the end

Regular: $13
Gluten Free: $15


"LA GOLOSA" (The Greedy)

Our Special of the week is so rich and good!
- Mozzarella Fiordilatte from Agerola
- HandMade Pesto
- Fresh basil
- Candid sweet cherry tomatoes
- Mortadella D.O.P
- Crumbled Pistacchio
- EVO at the end
- Mousse of Fresh Burrata

Regular: $16
Gluten Free: $18

This weekend there are no events, see you next week!

We had a taste last week...
It's really good.
And it does taste like the pizza in italy!

Lisa D.


Amazing pizza gluten free, the best I had so far, my husband tasted it too and he said that there is almost no difference between a regular and a GF one.


I had your GF pizza yesterday and I can honestly say it was the BEST GF pizza I've ever eaten.  I have already posted on my personal Facebook page and in my Gluten Free Group page.

Diane - Nextdoor

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